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"It's not about you"

My friend began reading a book this week, it’s called ‘The Secret’. And in short (hopefully without completely ruining the book for you if you ever intended on reading it) it’s about the Law of Attraction. So the main point that the author is making (as far as I can tell without having actually read the book) is that the things that consume our thoughts the things that live in us, the things that we give out, those are the same things that we then attract. So good thoughts attract good people, and selfish thoughts attract selfish people, and positive thoughts attract positive action etc. Now I’m not sure how much of that I actually believe and I’m not encouraging anyone to swear by this book as though it’s a religious text. But what I have found from thinking about this, is at least one truth: if you think about God, if you allow yourself to be consumed by Him, if you let Him fill you and walk with you everyday, then what you attract will be God, it will be of God, it will be Godly.

I truly believe that. Because if we are close to God, if we walk with Him and carry Him with us, then our words and actions will speak of him too. And people see that and hear it and recognise it as different and unique. People are attracted to it and the people who become close to you for this reason are part of God’s plan for you. In John 6: 44, Jesus says "No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him", it is God within you drawing people to you.

Now I am fully aware that attraction is a slightly odd topic for a Christian blog post, and it can be a confusing thing. Its easy to get muddled about attraction and to make mistakes when it comes to this. But let me try to explain...when we fill ourselves with God, what we give out is of Him, and that is often considered unique and attractive to other people. The confusing thing comes in here. What I am guilty of and maybe others are at this point welcoming this person who is attracted to me and assuming that they’re attraction is purely about me and then not giving out more of God! It’s flattering to believe that you attract people because of your charming witt, or your outward beauty or your intellectual conversational skills, or your winning personality. It's nice to believe this, especially in our society that cares so much about appearance and attraction and looking a certain way and what people think of us. But, and here’s the bit we often forget, and it's a famous line, “it’s not about you, it's me! It's not about you, it's about Him”. If people are attracted to you because of the God inside you, (which by the way is a huge testament to your faith) and you respond by feeling flattered and proud of yourself, then you aren’t fulfilling the purpose of the attraction, you are no longer serving the God in you. These people come to you for a reason, God is attracting them to you for a reason, and in order to serve Him, in order to do God and yourself justice, you need to respond in a Godly way. You need to hear God's voice in your head, saying "it's not about you, it's about me!" and bring the focus back to Him.

It’s okay to feel flattered, and even a little bit proud when people are attracted to the God in you. But it’s also important to recognise the attraction for what it is, and remember that this is about the God in you, it’s not about you! Don’t get me wrong, you are an incredible and amazing human being in your own right, and I’m not telling you to doubt your worth or doubt that people love you and are attracted to you for who you are. Because you are worthy and the people around you love you for you! But I am telling you that it is God who makes you that person and it is God who causes this attraction and it is God who this attraction is about. It’s all about Him, it’s not about you!

So, continue filling yourself with God, think of him constantly, give of God and attract Godly things/plans/people in return. Allow God to attract people to you, because it is an amazing honour and you are blessed to be serving Him, but remember when they come to you that it is about Him!

When you focus on God, when you are full of Him, and people are drawn to you, it is your responsibility to give more of God to them. You are a bridge between God and them, but if you let vanity cloud your judgement or prevent you from continuing in the way God intended, you fail to be fruitful. Fill yourself with God, let Him shine out of you and attract people to you, so that you can show them more of Him! This is your calling, it's not about you, it's about Him!

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