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BMS Partnerships
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BMS World Mission works in some of the most marginalised, most fragile, and least evangelised countries. The highest goal is to see people come to faith in Jesus Christ and to experience life in all its fullness.

By being Church Partners we express our heart for the world and for mission.

We are Church Partners with Claire Bedford (Pharmacist at Guinebor 2 hospital) in Chad along with intrepid desert doctors Mark and Andrea Hotchkin at Bardai hospital in northern Chad.

As their Church Partners we get the opportunity to build personal relationships and journey with them, seeing the amazing things the Lord is doing, supported by our interest, prayers and giving.

find out more from our BMS World Mission rep Richard Finking, or you can also click on there names which will take you to thier BMS world mission pages. You can find prayer and news letters, blogs and videos from Andrea and Mark and from Claire.

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