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Never go hungry again...

I want to talk a bit about hunger and matter how much you eat, you will again be hungry, this is a fact, and a perfect example of how the stuff of this world can never fully satisfy or sustain us.

Similarly, no matter how many friends you have, you will at times feel lonely; no matter how strong your relationship with your significant other, they will at times frustrate you; no matter how much you sleep, you will be tired again; no matter how amazing your job, there will be days when you feel unfulfilled; no matter how much stuff you own, you will always find yourself wanting something more; no matter how much you drink, you will be thirsty again.

Unfortunately, we sometimes fall into the trap of expecting the things and people of this world to fully satisfy us in every way. We expect our friends and family to understand what we’re going through and be there for us in the way we want them to. We expect our job to fulfill us, to give us purpose and to reward us with financial stability. We expect our partners to be everything for us. We expect belongings and appearance to make us feel valuable, worthy and beautiful. And in doing so, we put pressure on ourselves and those around us: we feel let down and disappointed when a loved one doesn’t read our mind and meet our expectations; we feel empty when our belongings get old and no longer make us feel valuable; we feel stressed when we have a bad day at work; we feel unloved when our partner isn’t everything; and we feel self-conscious when someone else makes us question our beauty and appearance.

The reason that we do all this, is because there is something missing, a void we are desperately trying to fill, a thirst we are desperately trying to quench, a hunger we are desperately trying to satisfy. But we inadvertently cause our own heart ache when we try to meet this need by putting these unrealistic expectations on people and things in this world.

In John 6:35, Jesus says “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty”. Christ is the only one who can satisfy you. The hunger you feel, the desire for more, the expectation for a void to be filled - this is a hunger for God, and no matter how hard you try, worldly things will never satisfy that hunger. Christ calls us to crave Him, to want a closeness with Him, to seek a relationship with Him. And it is in doing so, that our thirst is quenched, our hunger is satisfied, our void is filled.

The bread of life is sufficient to fill you for eternity. Your Heavenly Father knows exactly what you’re going through and is there for you every step of the way. His calling leads you to a fulfilled and purposeful life. Your spiritual bank is full, your finances will be enough. He can and will be everything; compassionate, graceful, forgiving, merciful, truthful, kind. Through Him, you are fearfully and wonderfully made, you have innate value and worth and beauty.

But God doesn’t force us into relationship with Him, He gives us a choice. The void is in you, and He offers to fill it, but we have to accept in order to receive. We need to live in a way that invites Him into every inch of our lives so that He may satisfy the hunger within us. As I said above, your spiritual bank is full - but, having the account and holding the card in your hand is not enough, you have to live in a way that makes a demand on His resources, let Him into your life, and put the money in the bank to good use. He offers you everything, you just need to put out your hand, take that step towards Him, commit yourself and accept the all-satisfying bread of life.

This chapter continues, and in John 6:36, we read “and whoever comes to me, I will never drive away”. This verse catches me everytime I read it. Not only does God offer us everything, He can and will satisfy our every need. But He also promises to never push you away. This isn’t a one time offer, this isn’t a temporary fix, this isn’t a fleeting meeting of needs, and then in a few hours you’ll need another meal. This is a forever offer, it’s an eternal filling of the void within you, it’s a bank that will not run out.

Turn to God, and I promise, you’ll never go hungry again!

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